How to become a freelance food writer?

I increasingly believe that success in independent writing boils down to intersections. My friend had a small pastry shop and had started baking “Conversations”, a popular French pie in the 1770s. Two years after publishing that article, I had 16 food-related articles in print and online. Food is universal, and whatever your niche, I think you can find an intersection that includes food.

Establish and follow a daily routine. Constantly look for new food writing jobs. And continue to network, both online and in person (whenever possible). Then we'll explore how to grow your business, generate revenue, and where you can find some delicious freelance writing jobs.

Job boards make it easy to find food writing jobs and are a great resource when you're just starting out. The job duties of a freelance food writer include writing content on food or other culinary topics for publication online or in print. The qualifications you need to begin a career as a freelance food writer include writing skills, knowledge of gastronomic and culinary topics and, in many cases, a relevant degree or experience.

Letícia Heling
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