Why do i want to study culinary?

A culinary arts degree can provide extraordinary opportunities. From operating a farm-to-table restaurant using healthy local ingredients to cooking nutritious and impactful meals for athletes, there are many rewarding careers to explore. If you're considering studying cooking, you already have a certain love, skill, or at least an appreciation for food. It's a good place to start.

There is an intimate connection with food, encourage connection. Your passion can become your profession and culinary school allows it. The people of Nicholls are reason enough to come. There is something about working like a slave in a bowl, with your elbows immersed in a boiling aspic for 12 hours that binds you to someone.

These people think like you, they talk like you, and after a series of burns and cuts, we all even start to look the same. The friends you make here will become your family; you will see yourself at the top and at the bottom.

Letícia Heling
Letícia Heling

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