What culinary job makes the most money?

One of the best ways to access the highest-paying food service jobs is to move up to a management position. Food service managers plan and direct the activities of employees of a company or business that sells food and beverages. These managers usually focus on “front desk workers” rather than cooks and kitchen workers. Chefs do the same work as chefs and head chefs, but they usually focus on a specific task, such as preparing soups, sauces or preparing ingredients, or simply reporting to a head chef.

Local or specialty chefs perform other tasks besides creating new menu items for local restaurants. They are also tasked with training unit chefs, purchasing inventory items, and informing high-level management. In many cases, local or specialized chefs can also participate in various decision-making tasks that may affect operations. Because the duties and responsibilities of local or specialized chefs are often complex and demanding, having a degree in the specialty area is a requirement.

And, most of the time, it is essential that they have more than three years of management experience. General managers oversee daily activities at their locations and can meet with the CEO or other restaurant managers to promote corporate objectives. They hire and fire restaurant staff, train and promote them, and deal with customer problems that subordinates cannot solve. Like other senior executives, general managers have a bachelor's or master's degree, but may have started as waiters or another entry-level position before moving up to positions with more responsibility.

Chefs and head chefs hone their skills through years of work; most employers are looking for people with at least 5 years of experience for these positions. Formal training in two- or four-year programs is also available at culinary schools or universities. Some of the highest-paying culinary jobs are those that involve overseeing the daily operations of restaurants and kitchens, which are responsible for the stature of executive chefs or head chefs. Finding the highest-paying jobs in food service can be important if you work in the service industry, since six of the ten lowest paying jobs in the United States are part of this industry.

So it's important that you attend a respected culinary school today and earn a work-related degree. It goes without saying that different culinary jobs have different salaries, so it's a good idea to chart your favorite career path before entering the world of food and hospitality, knowing that your long-term career goal and expected lifetime income will allow you to determine the steps you should take today.

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