Why do you like culinary?

Many people are attracted to the culinary field because of its artistic side. They enjoy working with their hands creating tasty meals and exciting presentations that provide instant gratification to their guests. I chose the culinary arts because I love food. I love learning about it, cooking it, teaching it to others and satisfying my customers.

This career requires an undying passion for what you do. You don't start out earning much, but the future of the culinary arts has no limits. It's an excellent career choice if you love to think outside the box and interact with people from different cultures. Enthusiasm Chefs work in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment.

In addition, chefs can express their creative side by creating new dishes and presentation styles. Do you like to cook and create art? Well, a career like in the culinary industry could be your calling.

Letícia Heling
Letícia Heling

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