Is being a chef a hard job?

It requires countless hours of hard work, especially in the early years. However, a chef needs appropriate training, which can come at a high cost if he opts for formal education. What happens after spending years in the kitchen climbing the ladder to the top? Don't think that you'll have a chance to relax and enjoy the view. Staying on top requires working as hard as you did while climbing mountains of potatoes and slippery pieces of steaks.

The job is never easier and there is never a chance to let go of your hair. It's a career that requires dedication and determination at every stage. It's ridiculously fun to be a cook or a chef. However, it's a hard life and the industry is full of interesting characters, some former criminals, some drug users, and some alcoholics.

If you accept and relax, you'll always have a good squad. That doesn't mean allowing low levels of behavior or quality in the kitchen. Without a doubt, succeeding as a chef is quite difficult, but skill and persistence may be all you need to get to the top of the rankings. While some chefs have learned on the job and have risen through the ranks, the best way is to attend culinary school.

Letícia Heling
Letícia Heling

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